Sasha Brighton Parades New Lover after Dumping Confused Herbert Shonga | PICTURES

March 1, 2021

Sasha Brighton with new lover

Singer, Nannozi Joweria aka Sasha Brighton has paraded new lover after successfully dumping Herbert Habib Shonga.

In 2019, Herbert Shonga abandoned his wife, Dorothy and kids in Malawi , relocated to Uganda and settled with Sasha Brighton. By that time, Shonga had some dime and Sasha was calling him a good samaritan.

However, the romance became sour when Shonga started going broke. It should be noted that Shonga’s source of dime was his wife, Dorothy.

When Shonga relocated back to Uganda, he took over all the properties he owned with Dorothy but to sustain Sasha’s life style he started selling one by one. When he finally divorced Dorothy last year, he found himself in a tight corner with nowhere to get cash bailouts.

Herbert Shonga with Dorothy at their wedding

This prompted him to start sneaking back to Malawi to check on Dorothy in disguise of seeing the kids which kept on angering Sasha. Because he was supporting Sasha financially, he became disrespectful to the extent of calling her a bitch on Facebook Live broadcast. He also disclosed the day he started bonking her.

Habib Shonga and Sasha Brighton

With money gone, and Covid-19 in the mix, the relationship became sour which forced Shonga and Sasha to part ways.

Aided by her beauty, there is no way Sasha was going to stay single and today she took to her Instagram and showed off her new man. She captioned the picture;

“Use Peace tattoo creams and get a man of ur dreams…… Ntumbiize sound???,”

Check Sasha’s new lover below:

Sasha with new bae