Sasha Brighton Jumps In Bed With Spark TV’s Kheem GK

August 20, 2021
Sasha Brighton with Kheem GK

Sasha Brighton with Kheem GK

Singer Nannonzi Joweria aka Sasha Brighton wastes no time to move on and she is now allegedly dating Spark TV presenter, Kheem GK.

Over the years, Sasha has been jumping from one relationship to another; Mathias Walukagga, Big Eye, Herbert Habib Shonga and now Kheem GK.

In fact she has dated more men compared to her hit songs.

After parting ways with her manager and boyfriend Shonga, Sasha said she wanted time alone.

A week after, she posted herself lovey-dovey with another man and captioned “Use Peace tattoo creams and get a man of ur dreams……”

In the past months, the ‘Kawomera’ singer was inseparable with fellow singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso but seems their business is over.

Pallaso with Sasha Brighton

Recently, our snoops spotted her hanging out with Kheem GK, who replaced Caroline Marcah on Spark TV, something that has left netizens scratching their heads.

As her usual business, she took to Instagram and posted herself having food time with Kheem GK with a caption of love emoji.