Sandra Teta, Children Return To Rwanda Leaving Weasel Manizo Braving Cold Nights

August 12, 2022
Sandra Teta and Weasel Manizo

Sandra Teta and Weasel Manizo

Good Lyfe singer, Weasel Manizo is braving cold nights after former beauty queen, Sandra Teta returned back to Rwanda together with her children.

Last month, internet buzzed after photos of Sandra Teta with a swollen face leaked. It was revealed that Weasel Manizo thumped her beyond repair.

Sandra Teta

To cool the heat, Sandra Teta took to Snapchat and claimed she was attacked by robbers on her way to work but a workmate at Nomad Bar on Ggaba road, disclosed that she was beaten by Weasel Manizo.

Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim also shared photos of a battered Teta and revealed Weasel Manizo had turned he into a punching bag.

Feminists and concerned citizens put authorities on pressure to arrest Weasel Manizo but his family played clever moves.

Weasel’s mum first kept Teta at her home for days and later, Jose Chameleone took her on a night out where she was spotted happy splashing dime.

Sandra Teta and Weasel Manizo

As pressure mounted, the Ugandan police started hunting for Weasel. Teta’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Shendanyoye also jetted in Uganda from Rwanda to take back their daughter.

Teta kept on hiding from them as she partied with Weasel Manizo. They looked happy as they celebrated their daughter’s birthday last week.

Following weeks of search, finally Teta’s parents found and took her with her two children back to Rwanda.

The Rwanda High commission and the New Times confirmed that Teta landed in Rwanda on Tuesday together with her children.

#Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Uganda has confirmed that Sandra Teta and her children safely arrived in Kigali following days of intense speculation about possible domestic abuse against her.

The New times

#sandrateta is back home in kigali with her parents and her kids..a close friend told me this,she needs our support,compassion and love. We need justice but for now we thank God she is safe and at home.#enddomesticviolence


We are not sure whether her parents will allow her return back to Uganda. But as RoutineBlast, we warn Weasel Manizo not to step in Rwanda to pick Teta, He will be thumped too.

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