SAD STORY: I Used To Earn 100k Per Month – Yusuf Baliruno In Tears After Being Thrown Out Of CBS FM, Begs Kabaka To Intervene

In May, Sheilah Gashumba went public and exposed NTV of paying workers peanuts and revealed she was earning 50k per show!

Her revelation shocked many who thought TV presenters were earning a lot of dime.

Last week, renown CBS sports presenter, Yusuf Baliruno of Uganda aka Masaza Boy shocked the public when he appeared online in tears and revealed he had been sacked.

Baliruno who started working on CBS FM in 2000 and initiated the idea of Bika Bya Baganda and Masaza Football Tournament, revealed that he was earning 100k per month in allowances and has never received salary.

He says he approached CBS FM Programs director, Abbey Mukibi, Human Resource Manager, Robert Kasozi and managing Director, Kawoya Mwebe on several occasions to be added on payroll but tossed him around.

He approached big-shots in Buganda Kingdom to help him in vain and wrote to Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga a letter complaining of mistreatment which caused him problems.

When he wrote to Mayiga, the letter somehow leaked to CBS FM bosses and Human Resource Manager, Robert Kasozi attacked him accusing him of betrayal.

Programs Director, Abbey Mukibi also showed him who is the boss by replacing him with Nsejere Ssempija and informed him on phone that he was no longer an employee of CBS FM.

A hurt baliruno says he doesn’t know what do next, he has worked for 20 years but doesn’t have NSSF savings.

Baliruno says when he got an accident in 2004 while covering CBS FM news, the management started deducting 50k from his 10k monthly allowance to recover the 2m they paid for his hospital bills.

When he fell sick and returned to work in November, Baliruno says the bosses even refused to pay him.

He revealed that most presenters; Kayibanda, Nvanungi, Ndugga, Mwana Moze among others decided to quit because of harsh conditions but he managed to stay because he loved CBS FM and the Kabaka.

Baliruno has appealed to the Kakaba of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to intervene and receive a perfect send off.

He has started a YouTube channel, Yusuf Baliruno Of Uganda where he will be offering his sports updates.

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