Reveler Accuses DJ Roja Of Snatching His Bae, Vows To Squeeze Him | VIDEO

July 14, 2022
DJ Roja

DJ Roja

NBS TV co-presenter, Kitaka Rogers aka DJ Roja is being accused of snatching a reveler’s bae while at a popular bar, Plot 8 Bar in Kololo.

While conducting ‘After 5’ street vibes session on Tuesday, MC Kats met unidentified man who accused DJ Roger of snatching his bae named as Sheila.

‘After 5’ Fantastic 5: Douglas Lwanga, DVJ Mercy Pro, Sheilah Gashumba, DJ Roja and MC Kats

Roja wankuba esasi Muganda wange. Omanyi Roja tava kubakazi. Roja watwala mukazi wange Sheila naye nkunonya. Twali eyo ku Plot 8

Reveler told MC Kats

After the revelation, MC Kats confirmed that he worked with DJ Roja at Plot 8 every Friday and that the allegations could be true.

While presenting on ‘After 5’ show the following day, Sheilah Gashumba asked DJ Roja why he steals people’s women at the bar.

“Why are you stealing people’s women in a bar? I saw it on Snapchat, it was trending,” Sheilah Gashumba jokingly said before DJ Mercy and MC Kats burst into laughter.

DJ Roja questioned why Kats gave the man an opportunity to utter such on national TV before rubbishing his claims.

“No, it’s not true. The problem is Baba, Baba you give people time, people that don’t deserve it,” Roja said while pointing at MC Kats.

“Those boys are just always looking for a chance of being seen on TV. The thing is I’ve not been to Plot 8 ever since they opened the bars,” he added.

Roja maintained that he last worked at Plot 8 bar longtime ago and that those allegations are baseless and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Most celebrities have been accused of snatching reveler’s babes. At one point Bruno K revealed that Ykee Benda snatched his girlfriend when he was still an upcoming artist.

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