Rema Namakula Praises Dr Hamza, Recounts The Torture She Endured With Eddy Kenzo

July 8, 2024

Singer Rema Namakula has continued to praise her husband Dr Hamzah Ssebunya saying he is the best husband and father to their children.

She said she went through so much while still married to singer Eddy Kenzo and she would never change anything in regards to moving on with her life and being the happiest she can.

Rema and Eddy Kenzo were together for five years. They welcomed one child but their relationship didn’t last so much long.

In 2019 she got married again to another man which left Eddy Kenzo in tears. By then she said that he had left her along in the house for two years and she used the opportunity to better her life.

According to Rema, her dream has always been getting married she being in the same house hold with her husband and children.

Eddy Kenzo Scoffs At Rema, Reveals What She Misses By Leaving Him

She said she dreamt about getting married for so long and she was so happy when everything worked out like she had always wanted it to work out despite the hated and the words that were said.

Rema revealed that she respects Eddy Kenzo and he respects her too. That is where they draw the boundary between each other.

“I am living my best life in fact my dream. I don’t care about what people have to say, no one knows me than I know myself,”