Rema, Hamzah Throw Welcome Party For Baby, Aaliyah Ssebunya | VIDEO

November 12, 2021
Hamza holding his child with Rema after arriving home

Hamza holding his child with Rema after arriving home

On Sunday, November 7th, singer, Rema Namakula and hubby, Dr Hamza Sebunya welcomed a bouncing baby girl, Aaliyah Ssebunya.

This was Rema and Hamza’s first child despite the pair having other children from their past relationships.

Since welcoming the child, Rema who had ran away from social media is back with a bang, posting photos after photos as the party rolls.

Dr Hamza holding his child with Rema

The pair took the baby to tycoon, Geoffrey Kirumira and gave her 1m shillings.

After being discharged, yesterday, ‘Linda’ hitmaker and Hamza brought the baby home for the first time amid celebrations from the family members.

They organized for baby, Aaliyah Ssebunya a party.

The ‘Siri Muyembe’ singer and Hamza started dating in 2019 when Kenzo abandoned her in Seguku mansion and moved into a Buziga rental.

The pair dated in secrecy until October 2019 when invitation cards for their introduction ceremony made rounds on social media.

Rema and Hamza finally ended speculation with a celebrity introduction ceremony that paralyzed Nabbingo – Masaka Road in November 2019.

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