Released Fred Lumbuye In Big Trouble Again

Fred Lumbuye

Fred Lumbuye

Days after government critic and NUP blogger, Fred Lumbuye Kajubi aka Teacher was released from Kocaeli Foreigners Detention Centre in Turkey, Chemical Ali seems to be in trouble again.

The Uganda Police say they have not given up and they are pursuing the ‘Kigula Lujji’ blogger.

According to Uganda Police, the social media critic is still a wanted man and want him to answer charges related to terrorism, Computer misuse, offensive communication and criminal libel among many others.

At least 15 case files were opened against Lumbuye and the police say they “will summon him as soon as he is in jurisdiction”.

“Our position is still the same,” Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told journalists.

According to the National Unity Platform (NUP) representative in Turkey, Muwada Nkunyingi, Lumbuye was also briefed of the pending cases in Turkey despite his release.

Fred Lumbuye (L) after being released from detention centre

Nkunyingi said that cases that were never concluded will continue irrespective of the release, urging their legal team to hasten in concluding them.

Following Lumbuye’s release, NUP and its members were in a buoyant mood, calling it a victory against injustice.

We are glad to learn that after several months of being held under detention, comrade Lumbuye Fred has been finally set free. We are very grateful to the legal team, the diaspora team, and all people of goodwill who did everything to ensure that Mr. Lumbuye regains his freedom

NUP statement reads.

I am very glad that after several months in detention, political activist Lumbuye was yesterday (October 18) released from jail in Turkey. I am very grateful to the legal team, our diaspora leadership, and all Ugandans who did everything to see that he gets his freedom

NUP president, Bobi Wine

But as we speak, scared and humbled Lumbuye has moved to a new location.

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