Reasons Why Ssuna Ben Threw Baby Mama Out Of Their House Revealed

July 9, 2024

Radio presenter and deejay Ssuna Ben has been making rounds on social media after he threw his girlfriend and baby mama out of the house.

This happened yesterday morning when one of the people at the incident recorded the whole fighting and posted it on social media for everyone to see.

Ssuna Ben looked very angry and enraged. One of the people said that some of his boys were beating the woman a fellow journalist Mary Nambayo while having a child.

She was also crying seeking for help from everyone around so that she can leave peacefully.

Everyone who watched the video started asking what was the problem what led the couple to fall apart.

In a recorded voice note, Ssuna Ben said the problem came from the land titles. He said that his baby mama had changed one of the titles and included her name without permission.

Ssuna Ben Throws Baby Mama Out Of House After Many Years Of Building Him, Here Are The Details

He said the didn’t even know where that land title is and when he asked that is where the problem came from.

“The problem is land title. Mary knows the land I was buying and after paying for it she went and included her name in the title deed. I am looking for that deed I can’t find it. I am giving her a few days to bring it to me or it will be a problem,”