Rayvanny Shows Off New Lover, Leaving Baby Mama In Tears | PHOTO

May 22, 2021


Rayvanny has joined the list of WCB ruthless boyfriend club – making women cry because of their love after dumping baby mama Fahyma. This comes after his latest post where he is seen in the company of young and hot lady, Paula Kajala; the same lass who was said to be warming the singer’s bed a few months ago.

Rayvanny with Kajala Masanja’s daughter, Paula Kajala

The new relationship post comes just a few weeks after Rayvanny and Harmonize’s nasty beef; that also exposed Paula for being a money lover – as she was willing to share Harmonize with her mum.

Kajala Masanja (R), Paula Kajala (L) and Harmonize

Well, it’s not that Rayvanny did not hear about the stories linking girlfriend to Harmonize ; but it appears that he chose to over look as he remains smitten and in love with Paula. Introducing her to his fans, Rayvanny share the post below and captioned;

Rayvanny with Paula

Not sure what his baby mama, Fahyma might be going through at the moment; but the truth is that she continues to hang in there hoping the young singer will come back to her.

Fahyma post

Fans in her comment section have been sending heartfelt messages to comfort Fahyma for the nasty breakup; but si ni life?

Anyway, let’s see how long the new relationship will last…but fans are predicting that this too will end in premium tears.

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