Rayvanny Confirms Wedding With 19 Year old Paula Kajala

August 13, 2021
Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

Rayvanny is already thinking about walking down the aisle with 19 year old, Paula Kajala, a daughter to Tanzanian actress, Kajala Masanja.

In February, Rayvanny shared a video cozying up with Paula Kajala on Instagram. This angered Harmonize who was dating her mum, Kajala Masanja arguing that she was a still minor.

Harmonize went ahead and dragged Rayvanny to court but he was saved by Paula’s dad who said she was 18.

In retaliation, Rayvanny leaked Harmonize’s private charts with Paula. Konde Boy wanted to chew both mum (Kajala Masanja) and the daughter (Paula).

Harmonize (M) with Kajala Masanja (R) and daughter, Paula Kajala (L)

After seeing the private charts, Kajala dumped Harmonize and okayed Rayvanny to date her daughter. Since then, Rayvanny and Paula have been going places, posting lovey-dovey pictures.

Before landing Paula, Harmonize had dumped baby mama and video vixen, Fahima. She tried to win him back in vain.

Now Vanny, 29, is already thinking walking down the aisle with Paula. Just recently, the singer through his IG page went on to post; “Can’t wait for my wedding”.

Rayvanny’s post

However, critics have punched holes in Vanny’s post arguing that at 28 years and all that fame he is not ready to settle down. One netizen questioned; Vanny dated baby mama, Fahima for 6 years without marriage and after seeing Paula for a few months he wants to settle?

Rayvanny, Fahyvanny with their baby

Others claim that Vanny has been trying hard to market his new album dubbed ‘Flowers‘, and wants to use the marriage announcement as a bait. 

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