Rahma Pinky’s PLE aggregates leave fans questioning her intelligence

March 9, 2023

Former Team No Sleep (TNS) artiste Rahma Pinky’s PLE results have left fans questioning her levels of intelligence.

Rahma Pinky recently turned 18 years of age while already at TNS. She joined last year when Sheebah left.

Rahma Pinky’s appearance at TNS raised so words from the media and fans. They went through her past life which wasn’t all good like any other human being.

One of the things that came up was Rahma Pinky’s past relationship and forced marriage at the age of 17 years to a 50 years old man.

But also her education was looked at. Before not much was known but in a recent interview she had to tell it all and clear the air.

In an interview with Sanyuka television, Rahma Pinky said she was a very intelligent girl that she skipped some classes in her primary level.

Rahma said she didn’t study primary six because she was put in primary seven where she ended up scoring 19 aggregates.

According to Rahma Pinky, that showed how intelligent she was and that’s why she finished form six before turning 18 years of age.

“Nabuuka nnyo kiraasi ne bwe nnatuuka mu pulayimale ey’omukaaga ne bantuuza pulayimale ey’omusanvu kubanga nnali mugezi nnyo era nafuna aggregates kkumi na mwenda,” Rahma Pinky