Proof On Prima, Medi Moore Dubai Chau Emerge As Mr. Henrie Allegedly Starts House Hunting

July 1, 2022
Medi Moore and Prima Kardashi

Medi Moore and Prima Kardashi

What started as a mere talk has left netizens in whispers after photos of Prima Kardashi donning Medi Moore’s shirt in Dubai leaked on the internet.

Last week, Prima, friend and Spice Diana flew to Dubai to attend MC Richie’s Summer Festival.

Prima who left her bae, Mr. Henrie in Uganda, teamed up with with South African-based socialite, Medi Moore and took the showbiz game to another level.

Prima Kardashi with Medi Moore in Dubai

Photo and video evidence show the pair partying 2-days non stop and our snoop in Dubai intimated to us that they were even staying at the same hotel.

Today, a photo of Prima in Dubai donning Medi Moore‘s checked shirt as she waited for the elevator, somehow proved the rumour.

Before flying to Dubai, there was talk that Mr. Henrie and Prima had parted ways. We hear since Prima jetted back in the country, all is not well with Mr. Henrie.

Mr.Henrie and Prima Kardashi

According to blogger, Ray Supasta, Mr. Henrie is fed up with Prima disrespecting him and currently on house hunt.

It is alleged that Mr. Menrie left his rental and moved in prima’s apartment after Mama Lusaniya successfully dumped baby daddy, Geosteady.