Producer Washington Claims Ownership Of Part Of Radio And Weasel’s Music

June 25, 2024

Music producer Washington has claimed ownership of past of Radio and Weasel’s music they released ten years ago.

He said he is the person that discovered them as he wanted to bring competition to the industry and let people know what they are supposed to do.

Wessel and Radio are one of the most talented duos in Ugandan.  They used to compete internationally although the competition went down after the sudden death of Radio.

According to Washington, he had a sound that he wanted to introduce and he found it easy to work with Radio and Weasel to execute it

“I-discovered Radio and Weasel and wanted to use them to bring competition to the industry. I worked with them for 10 years and aimed to introduce my sound, which worked well with them,” Washington.

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Washington said he had an agreement with Radio and Weasel that he owned part of the music and that is how it happened. He is still earning his share and Wessel also earns from it like he is supposed to.

He said they still have new music they had recorded and when the time is right they will release it.

“Weasel is very talented and knows how to work well with vocals. All the music I did for them is owned by Weasel, Radio, and me. The work is safe, and we will give you the music when the time is right,” .- Washington.