Prima Kardashi Trashes Fan Who Asked If Geosteady’s Small ‘Ka Thing’ Satisfies Her

May 27, 2020

Yesterday Geosteady’s bae, Prima Kardashi posted photos of herself and the singer on Instagram.

The social media in-laws jumped on them by circling Geosteady’s revealing whopper.

A one Princess Bettina asked Prima if Geosteady’s ‘ka small thing’ satisfies her’. “Prim Kardash oli mukazi mufumbi, nze bambi nedda, akantu nga kanyinkuli”

Prima rushed to defend her hubby’s ‘ka small thing’ by telling Princess Bettina that “Kamala bulungi nyo, kankubya endulu. Kakati mukwano tomilira mutwe gwa mulala panadol. Oja kutabuka omutwe”.






Geosteady and Prima Kardashi have been together for over five years and the oair have two kids together despite differences.

The lockdown has helped Geosteady and Prima spend time together as the pair almost posts pictures on daily basis.