Prima Kardashi Allows Geosteady See His Kids In Henry’s Absence

April 10, 2022
Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

Socialite, Prima Ndagire aka Prima Kardashi finally let singer, Hassan Kigozi aka Geosteady spend quality time with his children following a 2-year standoff.

Prima and Geosteady, parted ways in in October 2020 after ‘Owooma’ hitmaker told Mama Lusaniya that he wanted peace of mind. In their 6-year on and off relationship, the pair produced two beautiful girls, Sorayah and Solange Williams Kigozi.

Sorayah (L) and Solange Kigozi (R)
Sorayah (L) and Solange Kigozi (R)

Few weeks after separation, Prima landed a local radio presenter, Henry Danson and Geosteady too, managed to get a new bae, Hindu Kay.

But Prima blocked Geosteady from seeing the kids. As Sorayah celebrated her 7th birthday in February this year, Prima told journalists that Geosteady will never see his children again.

L-R: Geosteady and Prima during their good days
L-R: Geo, Prima, Fik Fameica during their good days

She revealed that Geosteady is a deadbeat dad and has never extended any child support to her.

Prima says her girls are happy with their new dad, Henry and that Geosteady should stop complaining because he has never played father role in their lives.

Her statement attracted mixed reactions as bloggers turned on her and reminded her that Henry will never be the dad to Geosteady’s children.

Prima Kardashi with Henry
Prima Kardashi with Henry

On International Women’s day, ‘Ndiwamululu’ singer, blasted Mama Lusaniya for being ungrateful. He revealed Prima told him that the kids are not his. He reminded Prima that if she wants child support, she should call him instead of making useless noise.

The pair have since settled their differences and agreed to co-parent. Yesterday, Geosteady managed to meet his girls at The Pampery salon in Muyenga.

The kids were with Prima but Henry was nowhere to be seen. It should be noted that at one point the ‘Tokendeza’ singer labeled Henry a houseboy.

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