Pretty Glo Threatens To Commit Suicide As Frustration Grows

December 13, 2021
Pretty Glo

Pretty Glo

Singer, Gloria Ingabire aka Pretty Glo has threatened to end her life as frustration, depression and uncertainty over her life grows.

Pretty Glo rose to fame in 2000s. Her beauty secured her gigs especially to city hyenas who targeted to eat her.

As it’s a norm for most artists in Uganda, she started using ‘njaga’ which spoilt her music career. Glo found herself in a tight corner after she produced a kid with by then struggling singer, Qute Kaye.

Life became hard and in bid to survive, the pair resorted to petty theft. In May 2018, Kaye was nabbed stealing car headlights in Busega. In March 2019, Glo survived lynching after she was caught stealing a phone in Bakuli.

Pretty Glo

After watching her on news, Bad Black intervened and took Glo to rehab, Africa Retreat Palace.

But since life has been hard and with children to raise, she has become depressed and frustrated.

In a facebook post, Glo hinted on committing suicide which shocked her followers.

Committing Suicide wd be plan…Depression hits u first ..u reject every thing

Pretty Glo

After her post, friends have sent her messages of comfort and ecoraged her to pray and be patient. But with no job and proper source of income, anything s possible.

Pray for Pretty Glo.