Pr Ssempa Taught Me Weed: Mondo Claims As War Of Words Escalate

May 30, 2022
Pr Mondo (L) and Martin Ssempa (R)

Pr Mondo (L) and Martin Ssempa (R)

The war of words between Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha and Martin Ssempa is escalating as the pair pin each other.

Ssempa who is known for being outspoken, has always accused Mondo of being a government spy. Last week he made claims that when he started war against ‘Kisiyaga’ boys, Mondo hunted him down and threatened him with a gun.

Pr Martin Ssempa

During an online Facebook broadcast ‘Entandalo’ with Sweden-based blogger, Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng, Mondo hit back and said Ssempa is looking for relevancy.

Mondo said Ssempa taught him how to sniff weed when they were still working together on UBC.

He told Peng Peng that every time Ssempa would reach at the station, he would give his aid weed to take it to Mondo that it brings vibe. Mondo said that indeed he would get vibe after sniffing Ssempa’s weed but revealed it was hard for him to quit.

Pr Mondo

The big guy who fled Uganda in 2020 over fraud and sought refugee in the USA, stung Ssempa that his biggest problem is limelight.

Mondo said that when Ssempa returned back from the USA, he was hungry for fame. Maria Kiwanuka kicked him out of ‘Spectrum’ program on Radio One because of his false statements.

Later he joined UMEME protests and failed to get the popularity he wanted and ended up attacking kisiyaga boys, joined Pastor Male in fighting Pr. Kayanja.