Pogba Reveals His Brother Is Part of the Gang that’s Blackmailing Him.

August 30, 2022

A new twist has hit the saga surrounding former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba. Pogba has revealed that some of his childhood friends, including his elder brother, Mathias Pogba, have been trying to get some money off him.

The saga started on Saturday when Mathias released a video saying that he was going to expose Paul Pogba. Mathias promised that his revelations would be big in nature and explosive.

Authorities in France and Italy have now taken over the investigations in what is promising to be a case that will put football fans on the edge of their seats. According to France Info Pogba has told the police that he was accosted by two armed gang members who demanded 13 million euros from him.

The gang accused the star player of turning his back on them ever since he turned pro. The incident happened in March this year when the French national team hosted Ivory Coast and South Africa in international friendlies.

Pogba has told the authorities that he has seen the gang before in Manchester and Turin where he is living now since switching to Juventus. It is in Turin where he recognised his brother.

The World Cup-winning midfielder has denied not helping his friends out. Pogba has maintained that all these escalated after he kicked one of them out in January. The friend who was kicked out allegedly stole close to 200,000 euros.

Pogba has further said that the gang tried to pressure him by releasing false information about Kylian Mbappe. The gang, according to Pogba, threatened to spread news that Pogba was using a spell on his international teammate.