Pay Me 50m And Apologise – Producer Diggy Baur Threatens To Sue Jose Chameleone

posted on : 07/10/2020

Sabula Records owner, Galabuzi Andrew aka Diggy Baur, Kalega Akram aka Aki, Japian Raymond  through their lawyers Ngobi Ndiko Advocates have served Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone Notice of Intention to Sue.

The letter says on July 7th at 4am at Makindye Luwafu, Jose chameleon unlawfully thumped the trio with the intent of occasioning bodily harm.

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Following the incident, the lawyers claim Diggy Baur, Kalega Akram aka Aki, Japian Raymond suffered psychological torture and mentaller anguish.

They have given Jose Chameleone 7 days to pay She.50m in damages and issue public apology or face courts of law.

Read The letter below:



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