Patrick Savado In Tears As Kampala Thieves Rob Him In Broad Daylight

December 15, 2020
Routine Blast - Patrick Salvado

Routine Blast - Patrick Salvado

Newly wed comedian, Patrick Idringi ‘Salvado’ is still cursing after Kampala thieves robbed him in broad daylight as she looked on.

The ‘Man from Ombokolo’ while driving through Kampala, the owners of the city made away with his part of the car as he looked on in total shock.

“A thug stole a part off Salvado’s car with him looking on with his naked eyes but he had nothing to do about it”, Salvado posted on Facebook.

He wonders how bold one can be to do such an act during day time.

Salvado is not the only victim, many people have lost car parts along Equatorial Mall since its near Kiseka Market where car spare parts are sold.

Routine Bast – Bebe Cool and Zuena

Bebe Cool’s wife, Zuena Kirema also revealed her sohocking story when thieves robbed her twice near Equatorial Mall. She was left frozen and sobbing.

“It happened to me twice near equatorial mall Aki I froze in the car”, Zuena commented on Salvado’s post.