Patrick Salvado Trashes Break Up Rumour After Mean Post

November 30, 2022
Patrick Salvado

Patrick Salvado

Comedian Patrick Salvado has got his legion of fans questioning what could be going on in his nest following a cryptic tweet. It alluded to possible trouble in paradise, given the use of words like loyal, stupid, privilege, depressed and disappointed.

In the tweet, Salvado noted that only his children are capable of throwing him off balance emotionally, but avoided mentioning his wife Daphine Frankstock.

Patrick Salvado

On Tuesday, November 29, he wrote: “I’m loyal, but not stupid, I don’t think I can ever get into depression because of someone else. I have reached a point in my life where I can only get disappointed in people, but never heartbroken, that privilege is only left for my kids, coz they have my blood”.

Part of what is making heads spin is the fact that the comedian recently went on a couples’ vacation with the Mulondos (Brian and Manuella) and the Nabwisos (Mathew and Eleanor) with pictures littered all over the internet.

However, Salvado has since scoffed at those claiming that from the vacation pictures, his and Daphine’s body language gave out a few clues of brewing tension compared to the chemistry of the Mulondos and Nabwisos, who actually held hands in photos.

He replied: “So from your wisdom, you concluded that our chemistry was bad from pictures? This Uganda is not for the faint-hearted. The 14 million sentiment keeps me on being justified all the time. Anyway like you said, what do you know?”

Salavado then shared a photo of them onboard a plane and captioned it: “Uganda olemwa. This is the photo that exposed ignorance. Look at how unhappy we are”.

Salvador and Daphine got married in December 2020, after seven years of dating and three babies. 

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