Pastor Mondo Mugisha Smoked Out, Living Big In The US

August 14, 2021
Pastor Mondo Mugisha

Pastor Mondo Mugisha

In January this year, controversial and motor-mouthed, Pastor Mondo Franklin Mugisha of the Empowerment Christian Centre Church International fled Uganda and sought refugee in South Africa, claiming his life was in danger.

This was after the State House Anti corruption Unit led by Col. Edith Nakalema arrested Pastor Siraje Ssemanda and summoned him together with Catherine Kusasira, Margaret Nakayima aka Nabbi Omukazi on allegations that they used the first lady’s name and defrauded pastors 4 billion.

After honouring the first summon, Mondo boarded a plane incognito and fled to South Africa. After a short stay, he connected to Joe Biden’s land.

Our snoops landed on him in Atlanta Georgia living large as he feasts on the loot he fleeced from poor Ugandan pastors.

Pastor Mondo in Georgia

Source of Pastor Mondo’s problems:

In December 2020, Mondo, Catherine Kusasira, Margaret Nakayima aka Nabbi Omukazi appeared before State House Anti corruption Unit on allegations of using the first lady’s name and defrauding pastors of Shs4 billion.

It is alleged that Pastor Siraje Ssemanda with the help of Pastor Mondo Mugisha, Kusasira, Nabbi Omukazi collected money from a group of pastors through his company, Hands Across the World Initiative Uganda Limited promising to take them to Israel, pay school fees for their children. Each of them paid more than Shs100,000.

This was after Pastor Siraje Ssemanda of Revival Ministries Church, Bombo was arrested at Mutukula border as he tried to escape to Tanzania.

Siraje was arraigned before Buganda Road Court and charged with 17 counts of obtaining money by false pretense and remanded to Kitalya Prison.

Nabbi Omukazi was also arrested and sent to prison for aiding Pastor Ssemanda to try and escape. Its is alleged Nabbi Omukazi drove pastor Ssemanda to Mutukula border.

Kusasira and Mondo and others denied having any links to Ssemanda.

Before fleeing the country, Mondo wrote to Head of investigations, State House Anti-Corruption Unit claiming there is witch-hunt and malicious prosecution against him.

Mondo said that despite cooperating with the investigators, the DPP continued to file new cases against him by using people’s words that he was working as a consultant for Pastor Ssemanda.

Mondo said the accusers have never admitted to giving him money.

He argues that the manner in which State House Anti-Corruption Unit office was handling his case was driven by malice, witch-hunt and ill-motives.