Pastor Exposed As He Attempts To Bless Student With His Anointed Wire

June 6, 2022
Isaac Ngwenya

Isaac Ngwenya

South African pastor, Isaac Ngwenya is trending on social media after WhatsApp screenshots leaked, asking for a chaw from a student at his church.

The chats expose that Isaac Ngwenya is not a good and Godly man hiding behind the word of God.

In the Chats, the student thanked Ngwenya for a nice sermon and told him he was blessed.

Ngwenya replied and told the student to wait and he blesses her body with his anointed wire before asking her to send in pictures to tempt his spirit.


Isaac Ngwenya is not the first pastor to do the contrary, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo left Teddy Naluswa and fell in love with Susan Makula before official divorce.