Pallaso: I Jumpstarted Sheebah, Spice Diana’s Music Careers

Pallaso and Sheebah

Pallaso and Sheebah

Pallaso, real name Pius Mayanja claims he jump started Team No Sleep (TNS) singer, Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana‘s music careers.

The ‘Sucker free boss’ and Sheebah have not greeted each other voluntarily for a while now. However, the former took offence when a question about an allegation he stole the song ‘Nalonda’ came up during a live television interview. 
He slammed the claim by upcoming artiste, King Avidon saying it has no ounce of truth, especially given he jumpstarted Sheebah’s career with their collaboration ‘Go down low’ and Spice Diana’s with ‘Masanyalaze’ shortly after returning from the US.  

Pallaso and Sheebah

“I returned and jumpstarted Sheebah’s career with ‘Go down low’. I unlocked Spice Diana’s career recording with her Masanyalaze. I did not even have a manager then. So how do I steal a song? These are people who just do not want to see us prosper,” Pallaso fumed. 

Pallaso and Spice Diana

And he added that he singlehandedly got MTV Base on their knees, nominating him in the Listener’s Choice category after having snubbed him on the first set of nominations.

Pallaso also noted that his (Soma) concert and Kyandondo Rugby Grounds flopped 3 years ago and he got ridiculed after investing millions. “I got to MTV awards on their knees to nominate me after refusing to nominate me. I am that man. I went to Kyadondo, my concert flopped, laughed and ridiculed me. I invested over sh150m and employed all the media houses that taunted me. I still got up, they still think I have the time to mix paraffin with water?”

Since Pallaso decided to relocate from the US and settle in Uganda, he has been trying hard to establish himself from upcoming to top artiste. He finally achieved it last year with his song ‘Malamu’ which topped the charts and received airplay as the song of the year.

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