Pallaso Fed Up Of Wolokoso, Shifts From Mowzey Radio’s Crib

April 18, 2021


Pallaso, real name Pius Mayanja finally shifted from Good Lyfe’s Neverland house in Makindye following series of criticism from Netizens.

Since Mowzey Radio’s death in February 2018, only Weasel Manizo has been staying at Neverland in Makindye-Luwafu, a flat he shared with his late music partner.

When Covid-19 struck, It is said that Weasel asked his brother, Pallaso to come and stay in the late Mowzey Radio’s house since it was vacant.

When the ‘Malamu’ hitmaker moved in, he received a lot of critism especially from the media personalities.

In December, while in an interview with a local television station, Kasuku said Pallaso should rent an apartment rather than seek refugee in Neverland. He insisted that the house should be occupied by Radio’s family, not the ‘Sucker free boss’.

Weasel and Pallaso
Weasel and Pallaso

“Pallaso failed to pay rent and sought refugee in Radio’s house. I however advise him to look for another house because Radio’s properties should be helping his immediate family members,” he partly said in an interview with local television.

The latest from our snoops in Makindye indicates that Pallaso has gone back to his Luwafu house where he had set up a mini bar business.

As any other performing artiste, he encountered problems during Covid-19 lockdown.

In March this year, Uganda’s tax body, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) put Pallaso’s car on auction after he failed to clear its taxes. Pallaso bought the car before lockdown and and kept in bond hoping to get gigs and clear it, when the lockdown happened, he failed to pay taxes which prompted URA to auction it off.

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