Oyo Yagwa, He’s Stupid And Brainless: Alimpa Ronald Trashes Kasuku In A Rant | VIDEO

October 5, 2022
Ronald Alimpa

Ronald Alimpa

Singer, Ronald Alimpa of ‘Lusuku Lwa Cement’ hit has trashed Dembe FM presenter, Isaac Katende aka Kasuku, branding him stupid and brainless.

Last week, Ronald Alimpa got involved in nasty road accident on the way to perform in Semuto, sustaining a broken leg with Lady Grace, Denis Kafeero, Kabuye Saudi and another unidentified person died from the incident.

Ronald Alimpa (L) and Lady Grace (R)

As he struggled with pain on the hospital bed, critics started speculating. Some made claims that Ronald Alimpa is greedy, while others claim he was involved in witchcraft.

In an interview with a local YouTuber, Alimpa said he heard Kasuku claiming that he landed in problems because he took a monkey to Zilu Island, Buvuma.

In a phone conversation with a one Baziliyo, he told Kasuku that Alimpa and his group got problems after they defied norms and took a monkey to Zilu Island. As they smoked weed, locals told them that monkeys and Sheep are not allowed on the Island.

When they insisted, they allowed to go with their monkey and warned of consequences.


Lying on hospital bed in pain, angry Alimpa interrupted his mother and lashed out at Kasuku. He branded him a stupid and brainless before claiming he is now faded.

Alimpa is getting better thanks to Mama Fina and other well wishers who came to his rescue and are footing his hospital bed.