NRG Radio Finally Speaks About Etania’s Sacking

July 5, 2024

NRG radio Uganda has finally spoken about firing their own mcee, deejay and presenter Etania life of the party.

They denied the allegations and the letter that was making rounds on social media saying they don’t know how who wrote that statement and why it was making rounds on social media.

Etania started her career on NTV Uganda. She was mceeing the Saturday evening show and later started getting hired to work at different clubs.

When she started deejaying, her brand was highly demanded to the point where she even fell in love with the singer Joshua Baraka.

As the news of her firing made rounds on social media, people were wondering what could have gone wrong.

It’s Not What It Is! Exclusive Info On Etania’s Sacking from NRG Radio

According to NRG radio, Etania is at the station to stay. She is in Kenya on her vacation but at the end of July she will be back working her shifts at the station.

They said they are her number one fans and there is no way they can let the talent they have known for long to go yet the young people are learning from them everyday.