Netizens Disappointed With Bad Black’s Tiny Puna | PHOTO

Bad Black

Bad Black

Socialite Shanitah Namuymbwa aka Bad Black bashed Lwasa for showing off tiny carrot after a video leaked online.

The pair pair exchanged words until The Masolo Queen showed paraded mobile money evidence claiming Lwasa sent her 150k in bid to eat her.

Lwasa hit back saying he can’t think of her because she doesn’t have beef and clarified that he sent her money because she was in need.

Bad Black, the self confessed punani vendor boasts of eating countless men in and outside the country.

Bad Black

She boasts of her puna making netizens think it weighs 5kgs but they have been disappointed after a picture of the Masolo Queen in swim suit made rounds on social media.

To view her puna, one needs a binoculars.


Bad Black became famous in 2010 as she splashed dime in top hangout spots and ate every man she has ever dreamt of.

But her luck ran out in 2011 after she was remanded to Luzira for embezzling $3,824,130 (Shs11b) from Daveshan Development Company Ltd, a company she co-owned with British lover Mr David Greenhagh.