NBS TV ‘UnCut’ Presenter, Zahara Totto, Family In Bitter Fight Over Toilet | VIDEO

October 24, 2020

NBS ‘UnCut’ co-host, Zahara Totto has scoffed at his family members who fight hard to put bring her down.

In a video shared on her Snapchat, Zahara Totto says she works hard to to make sure she puts her grandma’s home to standard only to be frustrated by her family members.

The battle started when Zahara’s relative identified as Benjamin denied her kids to use toilet the gossip queen says she built it using her hard earned money.

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When word landed in her ears, as usual the confrontational Zahara stormed her Jajja’s place and rebuked Benjamin.

Zahara is heard telling Benjamin that the toilet she uses with his wife, she is the one who built it.

Zahara and Benjamin’s war started when the latter connived with journalists and exposed the former’s kids.

Watch video below: