Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi Introduces Rabadaba | PICTURES

Maggie Kaweesi introduces Rabadaba

Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi, the baby mama to the late AK47 has introduced Ragga-Dance Hall sensation, Faizal Seguya aka Rabadaba to her parents in Butamba- Katabi this afternoon.

The ceremony also doubled as the Muslim wedding popularly known as “Nikkah” and from today, Maggie is Rabadaba’s wife.

Maggie Kaweesi introduces Rabadaba

Rabadaba and Maggie started dating early last year after the latter parted ways with city Casanova, Deus Nguggwa aka Grenade. After separating with Grenade, Maggie became so depressed and lost weight which prompted Netizens to start speculating that she was HIV positive.

Maggie was forced to share her HIV results on social media to trash the rumor. As the widow battled with depression, Rabadaba dived in to console her and the pair kicked off romance.

When Maggie jetted in for festive holidays last year, she linked up with Rabadaba and spent the whole December together bonking at Speke Apartments.

In May, Maggie-Rabadaba introdction invitation cards leaked on social media and at the beginning of June, she switched from Christian religion and converted to Islam taking the name, Salha.

Today, Maggie has officially introduced Rabadaba in a scientific ceremony attended by few friends and relatives.

Check pictures below:

Congratulations to Maggie and Rabadaba.