Naira Ali Names Top Media Personalities Who Beg Nunu From Upcoming Female Artists

March 5, 2022
Naira Ali

Naira Ali

Singer, Nabattu Ali aka Naira Ali has decided to go bare knuckles and expose top male media personalities who have a habit of begging upcoming female artists for nunu.

Since Naira relocated to the US, her life completely changed; from wearing long outfits to skimpy and exposing designs.

Naira Ali

She was known to be a quiet girl but she is now so vocal on social media and decided to expose Dembe FM’s DJ Jacob Omutujje, CBS FM’s Dikteta Mark and DJ Nick of Record FM as media personalities who beg upcoming artists for nunu in the name of promoting their music.

Dikteta Mark
DJ Jacob Omutuze

This was after Mark and Jacob labeled Naira as “a short woman with a sharp forehead“.

Nsasira omwana omuwala ayagala oku joininga music industry,hoo! Kubano ba Dikteta Mark ba Djjacob Omutuuze ne ba Dj Nick of this industry, they will chew you for free.bali balisibwa!
Lero mwalinye yamajje,munvuma mutya obumpi ne nempumi

Naira Ali
Screenshot from Naira Ali

Naira who was doing tailoring besides her music career in Uganda, found a safe haven in the US where she had gone in August 2019 as part of the performers at the UNAA Convention. While the other artistes made their way back, Naira stayed.

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