Museveni Orders Security To Arrest Social Media ‘Idiots’



President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ordered security operatives to track and bring to book ‘Idiots’ in and outside the country spreading fake news on social media.

Museveni’s development comes after unruly netizens took to social media and claimed the old man was no more.

Last month, one person was picked up by security operatives in a ‘Drone’ after he posted that the president was dead.

President Museveni

While addressing a section of ministers, Museveni says the security operatives need to locate and apprehend the people spreading the fake news.

“Another problem we need to solve is, I don’t think it’s a security problem but it’s an idiotic problem, the social media. The social media apparently has been saying that Museveni is dead! so the security service need also solve that problem. I need to check with them to locate quickly the one who tells such a story because you waste people’s time. They should go for you”, Museveni said.

Social media was mainly put in place to ease communication but the proprietors are now struggling to crack down on the fake news.