Museveni Close Schools, Churches, Violators To Pay Fines | CHECK ALL KEY POINTS



President Museveni has ordered for the closure of schools and suspension of religious gatherings across the country to help control the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking to the country about the Covid situation, Museveni said there is need to control the rate at which the virus is spreading in the country.

“All schools and institutions of higher learning should close for 42 days effective 8:00AM of 7th June 2021 (tomorrow),” Museveni said during this evening address.

To punish big-headed Ugandans who violate the Covid-19 restrictions, Museveni revealed that the government has imposed fines where by those arrested will be asked to pay a certain amount set by the Secretary to treasury.

Check all the key points from this evenings address below:

1. Schools should close from tomorrow 7th June 2021 8:00am for 42 days.

2. All teachers to fully get vaccinated before they are accepted in schools.

3. Communal Prayers (Mosques & Churches) are suspended for 42 days. Online Prayers are encouraged.

4. Public and cultural gatherings are suspended for 42 days. (Parliament & Cabinet not affected).

5. Travel from category A countries remains suspended except for returning Ugandans. Only India is currently registered as category A.

6. Agricultural activities to continue.

7. None agricultural activities allowed to continue are; Factory activities, construction activities, shopping malls, supermarkets. To continue while observing SOPs.

8. Hotels, markets, taxi parks to operate under strict observation. Failure to comply within a week will lead to closure.

9. Weddings and other parties to have a maximum of 20 people under strict observance of SOPs.

10. House parties are strictly banned.

11. Number of mourners should not exceed 20.

12. Weekly markets & monthly cattle auction markets suspended for 42 days.

13. All public transport between districts suspended for 42 days starting 10th June 2021.

14. All inter-district travel banned except from Kampala-Mukono.

15. Exemption for inter-district travels are cargo trucks & registered tourist vans. Cargo trucks are allowed only 2 people.

16. Public transport within the same district is allowed but with strict observance of SOPs.

17. Bars remain closed.

18. For sports activities, no spectators allowed.

19. All public places directed to maintain strict hygiene. Sanitize, social distance and wear masks.

20. Encourage people to work from home, only 30% should go to office for 42 days.

21. Private vehicles restricted to not more than 3 people, including the driver. Also not allowed between districts.

22. Shopping arcades & hardware shops must close at 7:00PM. exception given to pharmacies to operate beyond 7pm.

23. Supermarkets to also close at 7pm. Food markets to continue operating under strict SOPs.

24. Lodges, salons & garages to operate until 7pm. Lodges must operate without bars.

25. Curfew to remain from 9:00pm to 5:30am.

26. Boda bodas to transport goods or one passenger until 6:00pm for 42 days. Failure to comply in a week will lead to closure.

27. Violation of these measure will lead to fines. Those who will be arrested will be asked to pay a certain amount set by the Secretary to treasury.