Mr. Henrie Speaks Out After Painfully Seeing Medi Moore Corner Prima Kardashi 2-Days In Dubai | VIDEO

June 27, 2022
Mr. Henrie and Prima (L), Prima and Medi Moore (R)

Mr. Henrie and Prima (L), Prima and Medi Moore (R)

Galaxy FM presenter, Henry Danson aka Mr. Henrie has finally spoken out after painfully seeing his bae, Prima Kardashi party with Medi Moore 2-days non-stop in Dubai.

Prima flew to Dubai with a friend and Spice Diana to attend MC Richie’s summer festival.

She linked up with South African-based and self proclaimed ‘Lion of Diaspora’ Medi Moore. The pair have been publicly partying together.

Prima Kardashi with Medi Moore

Our snoop in Dubai intimated to us that Prima and Medi Moore were staying together at the same hotel.

As photos and videos circulated online, netizens started speculating that it’s all over between Prima and Mr Henrie.

Speaking to Kookie promotions, Mr Henrie said he is the one telling Prima do what she does and reminded critics that this is 2022.

He also said Prima has a nice body and all men are dying to have her.

Watch video:

Prima broke up with dad to her two girls, Geosteady in October 2020 after ‘Owooma’ hitmaker told her he wanted peace of mind.

She moved on so fast and dated Mr Henrie. But we hear his family is squeezing him to dump Prima and get a babe who falls in his age bracket.