Mr. Henrie – Prima Kardashi: How The Power Couple Lost 1 Billion Deal After Break Up

July 11, 2022
Prima Kardashi and Mr.Henrie

Prima Kardashi and Mr.Henrie

It’s not a secret, the power couple of Henry Danson aka Mr. Henrie and Prima Kardashi is no more after bitter split.

Rumour started in May that Mr. Henrie and Prima were on the verge of splitting up. It is alleged that Mr. Henrie was on pressure from his family members to dump a second hand (Prima) and date his age mate.

Henry Danson with Prima Kardashi

The couple dismissed the rumour because Prima had a show ‘Prima Lusaniya Fest Season 2’ on Miley Impala Hotel on June 4th featuring Winnie Nwagi.

Inside sources intimated to us that Prima had started showing Mr. Henrie that she can replace him at will. She even hired Mr. Henrie’s nemesis, DJ Nimrod from Galaxy FM as the official Deejay at her show.

DJ Nimrod and Mr. Henrie do not get a long since the latter was given the former’s Mid Morning show.

As talk intensified, Prima confirmed the break up last month after she travelled to Dubai with Spice Diana for MC Richie’s Summer Festival and left Mr. Henrie behind.

During her stay in Dubai, she publicly partied with South African-based socialite, Medi Moore two days nonstop.

Prima Kardashi with Medi Moore in Dubai

MC Richie confirmed that Medi Moore and Prima were sleeping in the same hotel room and at one point he heard noises from their room as he passed by.

Over the weekend, Prima took her time and deleted all photos of Mr. Henrie off her Instagram account to confirm the separation.

Before the break up, Prima and Henrie had dreams as an ambitious couple but all went with the wind.

They were planning;

1. A reality TV show; Keeping Up with the Prima Kardashi & Henrie

2. Starting up Foundation

3. Giving Birth to 2 Sets of Twins

4. Starting a Fashion House ( Clothing Line)

The pair lost billions of money because they can’t achieve this because of break up.

It should be noted that Prima and Mr. Henrie started dating towards the end of 2020 after Mama Lusaniya left the dad to her two beautiful girls, Geosteady.

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