Momo 19 Tells Daxx Kartel To Stop Lies, Denies Bonking Medi Moore

Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel

Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel

Momo 19, real name Naluwooza Maureen has told now ex-husband, Ssebunya Sulaiman aka Daxx Kartel Omuryeerubah to stop lies and move on.

Momo 19 was responding to Daxx Kartel‘s response claiming that the separation rumour is baseless and being spread by the haters.

Daxx Kartel wedded Momo 19 in December last year

Daxx and Momo 19 who wedded on on December 20th at Kibuli Mosque, bitterly parted ways in February after the former accused the latter of deliberately refusing to conceive and produce for him children. Daxx and Momo dated 7 years before making it official.

With all the anger, It is alleged that Daxx encroached on Momo’s close friend named Ashira, bonked her into pieces and planted a hot seed in her womb.

Another rumour has it that Daxx accused Momo of cheating on him with South African-based Ugandan socialite, Medi Moore. He also dropped a song titled ‘Enswa’, insinuating that Momo dished out his goodies.

Medi Moore

After parting ways, the pair kept it as a secret but when the rumour gained momentum, Momo 19 took to her Facebook page and confirmed that she is now SINGLE!

Momo has told Daxx Kartel to stop living in denial, accept the fact the their marriage failed and move on.

Momo 19 and Kartel

She says that if the Dowry Daxx took to her parents hurts him, he should convert it into money and she will send it to him via Mobile Money.

On bonking Medi Moore, Momo claims she doesn’t know and has never met him. She says he is looking for a name that he miserably failed to make after Ugandans snubbed him.

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