Momo 19 Declares Self Single After being Dumped By Daxx Kartel

Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel

Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel

Momo 19 has gone public and declared herself single after being dumped by husband, Ssebunya Sulaiman aka Daxx Kartel Omuryeerubah.

Im April, we broke a story how Daxx Kartel dumped Momo and bonked her close friend Ashira into cabbage.

Naluwooza Maureen aka Momo 19 and Daxx have been in a relationship for close to 7 years. In September 2019 the former BBS TV presenter introduced Daxx to her parents in a colorful ceremony.

On December 20th, the pair officially wedded at Kibuli Mosque.

Daxx Kartel wedded Momo 19 in December last year

During their early romance days, Daxx asked Momo to give him a kid but she refused and promised to produce for him after the wedding.

Three months after the wedding, it is rumoured that Daxx became irritated after Momo deliberately refused to conceive. This prompted Daxx to encroach on her best friend, Ashira and ballooned her.

We were told that Ashira could drop a tot anytime soon.

“It was game over for Momo in February. Daxx Kartel lost interest in her when she refused to give birth,” an insider intimated to us.

Since March word has been making rounds that Daxx dumped Momo but the pair have never commented on the rumour.

Yesterday, Momo went public and confirmed that she is single. “Yes, i’m single”, Momo 19 posted on facebook.

Momo 19 post on Facebook

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