Mikie Wine On Why He Isn’t Going To Change Concert Dates For Gravitty Omutujju

June 13, 2024

Singer and Bobi Wine’s younger brother Mikie Wine has vowed not to change his concert dates for Gravitty Omutujju to have his.

He said he booked everything first and he will not give up so easily because he knows his fans will always be their to support him in concerts.

Mikie Wine hasn’t been releasing new music for a while. But he has been performing at different concerts and wants to have his own concert.

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According to Mikie Wine, he has been performming at differet concerts for different artistes for free. He said those artistes are his friends and that is why he supported them.

Unfortunately the day he chose for his concert was also chosen by Gravitty Omutujju. He has more experience in organising concertsand and even has more hot songs.

Mikie Wine said he is not going to change anything and he knows that be has built his fan base and they will do everything to support him in return.

“I was the first to book the concert on that date. If Gravity chose the same date, that’s his decision. I’ll still deliver for my fans,” Mikie Wine