MC Kats’ Side Dish, Faith Ntaborwa Spends Night In Coolers Over Theft

Faith Ntaborwa with MC Kats

In November 2020, a city man-eater, Faith Ntaborwa stirred drama online when she recorded and shared a video of herself after allegedly having had sex with MC Kats.

In the video, MC Kats was filmed dead asleep on the couch with packs of used condoms on the floor.

Following months of no-see, Faith Ntaborwa is back in the news this time, stealing a phone.

On Thursday, Ntaborwa spent a night Kazinga Police station in Byeyogerere after she stole a phone in one of the salons.

According to Bridget Ndayiramya who was in the salon, Ntaborwa came and requested to charge her phone. She was told to charge where other two phones were charging.

Ntaborwa Faith

Ntaborwa started distracting clients who were in the salon by asking for combs as she moved places. Later on she snatched the phone and left the salon.

Bridget Ndayiramya after being worked upon, she looked for her phone and it was nowhere to be seen. Bridget tried calling her phone and was off.

The salon lady knew Ntaborwa, they called her and she came back to the salon but denied having stolen the phone.

They took her to the police and pleaded guilty for stealing Bridget’s phone. She directed Bridget to her place and recovered her phone and lines.

Ntaborwa spent Thursday night in police cells.

Speaking to NBS TV ‘Uncut’, Ntaborwa accused MC Kats of flaming her. She revealed that her dad took her to rehab for alcohol and drug addiction.

Watch video below:

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