MC Kats Accuses Prima Kardashi of Getting Fille Sacked From Record Label

MC kats and Fille

MC kats and Fille

Celebrated TV host and events emcee, Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats is accusing Geosteady’s ex-lover, Ndagire Prima aka Prima Kardashi of getting his baby mama, Fille Mutoni sacked from the record label.

In June, Maritini Entertainment signed Fille Mutoni but last month, word started making rounds that they sacked her because of using too much drugs.

However, MC Kats says that Prima Kardashi hosted a meeting in Munyonyo with with Maritini Entertainment boss that fueled the sacking of Fille from the record label.

Prima Kardashi with ex-lover, Geosteady

MC Kats publicly revealed how bad he felt when he learned that Prima was the chief engineer of the whole saga.

While appearing on the NBS UnCut show, Kats reminded Prima Kardashi about how he used to send her money for bleaching creams for three solid years.

He further questioned why would she wastes time discussing him with her friends in Munyonyo yet he had a hand in her beauty comestics business.

Prima I have known you for long and you also attended my daughter’s birthday when she turned two years. You know your phone recieved money for vaseline from me for over three years. So you sit down and start discussing me?

MC Kats

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