Man Catches Preggers Boo On Kabuzi With Witchdoctor | VIDEO

November 17, 2022
man catches preggers boo on kabuzi

man catches preggers boo on kabuzi

There is drama on social media after a man believed to be from Zambia got a shock of his life after he returned home only to find his preggers boo (Martha) on kabuzi with a pastor.

According to a Facebook page ‘Zambia online’, Martha was barren and the Congolese pastor helped in making her pregnant.

It is said that Martha invited the Congolese pastor who lite the bedroom with candles and other juju to perform the last ritual for safe delivery.

They did not expect the man of the home to return early hence bumping into them.

The pastor pleaded for Mercy as Martha sweated plasma with no words. The man could not believe it.


Martha tried to make an escape but the guy closed the door and told her to seat and explain what he was seeing all over the floor.

By story time, we have not heard what happened after but we believe the pastor got some canes.