Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka Exposes Rampant Kisiyaga In Luzira Prison, Pushes For Conjugal Visits | VIDEO

March 7, 2023
Male Mabirizi

Male Mabirizi

Controversial lawyer, Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka has exposed the rampant Kisiyaga in Luzira Maximum prison after serving his sentence.

In February 2022, Police finally smoked out lawyer, Male Mabirizi from his hideout in Banda and arrested him following a court order.

This was after Mabirizi skipped court and Justice Musa Ssekaana issued an order directing his arrest.

The court also ordered Mabirizi to pay a fine of 300m over contempt of court and continued attacks on judicial officers.

Male Mabirizi

After serving one year, Mabirizi was finally released and he is back to where he started.

While speaking to Kasuku, Mabirizi revealed that he has 100 cases he is working on. For those who doesn’t know Mabirizi; He dragged Bobi Wine to court over ‘fake’ academic papers and lying about his age.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Makula tasted his wrath when he dragged them to court over illegal marriage.

He is now asking UNEB to present Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s academic documents.

As the country is facing a hard time with Kisiyaga problem, Mabirizi disclosed to Kasuku that it is rampant in Luzira Maximum prison.

Mabirizi was first sent to Kitalya and later, transferred to Luzira where he concluded his sentence.

He says that Kisiyaga is not a secret in Luzira and that there is coupling. He attributed the growing vice to lack of conjugal visits.

He says that with no hope to see their girlfriends or wives, inmates resort to Kisiyaga.

He wants to push for conjugal visits so that inmates can enjoy their rights.

Prisons all over the world especially in the developed countries allow inmates to have their wives or girlfriends visit them on special days.

In Africa and some other developing countries, authorities deprive inmates of their rights.

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