Lynda Ddane Down With Sickness, Need Prayers

Lynda Ddane

Lynda Ddane

Lynda Ddane real name Uwamahoro Lynda is down with sickness again and this time she seriously needs your prayers. Recently, Lynda has been appearing in public with plastered hands, a sign she has been on medication.

Weeks back, the NTV Uganda and KFM presenter revealed that she was ill and now she is back on the sick bed according to fellow workmate, Crysto Panda.

Lynda Ddane

Through his Instagram, NTV Dance Party co-host and singer, Crysto Panda shared a photo of the jolly NTV The Beat co-host with the caption:

“Quick Recovery muntu Wange Lynda Ddane, Jesus Christ got you.”

We are yet to establish what could be making Lynda Ddane‘s life miserable but sources say it could be Malaria and fatigue since she works non-stop.

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