Lydia Jazmine A Liar – Spice Diana Speaks Out As Beef Takes New Twist

June 3, 2022
Lydia Jazmine and Spice Diana

Lydia Jazmine and Spice Diana

Source Management songstress, Hajara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana has branded fellow singer, Lydia Jazmine a liar.

This came after ‘Kapeesa’ singer missed Spice Diana’s Stargal EP Release party and said she was not invited.

Over the years, Spice Diana and Lydia Jazmine have been beefing underground.

The pair fell out after Jazmine accused Spice and her manager, Lubega Roger of paying media houses and deejays not to play her music.

Spice Diana

Their beef escalated and moved to lifestyle but Jazmine found herself lagging behind Spice Diana because of manager Rogers’ big pockets.

During Levixone’s birthday in December last year, Spice Diana grabbed a mic, called Lydia Jazmine in bid to break the barrier but that was for the moment.

Lydia Jazmine

As word gained momentum, Spice Diana has refuted Lydia Jazmine’s claims, confirming she was invited to the party. 

“We invited everyone including her but some chose not to show up”, she said. 

Last month, rapper, Gereson Wabuyi aka Gravity Omutujju blasted Spice Diana and her manager, Roger Lubega branding them hypocrites.

He claimed they have done lots of bad things and pay the media to portray them as good people.

Ba Roger ne Spice Si babumu, Ba mbwa nyo, ba pretendinga mu industry naye be basinga amazzi, balimba ensi mbu bantu balungi, babi nyo. Babelawo nga babalimba limba, buli kimu bakolelera kyakugulilia.

Gravity Omutujju

Gravity vowed to expose the pair. However, critics say he is using Spice and Roger to promote his ‘Tusimbudde Ani Alina Enene Concert’ at Cricket Oval on October 1.

Ziza Bafana too, has vowed to expose Lubega Roger’s bad deeds. Before signing Spice Diana, Roger first worked with Bafana.

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