Lwasa Speaks Out On Attempt To Drill Bad Black For 150k | VIDEO

August 31, 2021
Lwasa and Bad Black

Lwasa and Bad Black

Lwasa Emmanuel has trashed Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black’s allegations that he paid her 150k in bid to drill her big slippery pond.

When video of Lwasa showing off ‘tiny carrot’ as he waited to chew a slay queen leaked, Bad Black taunted the tycoon and backed Diana Nabatanzi’s decision to dump him.

The Masolo Queen insisted that even if Lwasa gave her money, she would not allow his ‘ka tiny carrot’ to play in her big slippery pond.

Bad Black

This did not go well with the Masaka tycoon. He hit back saying that Bad Black is not his class and can’t even think of her because she has no beef.

In retaliation, Bad Black released screenshots of Mobile Money transactions showing how Lwasa sent her 150k. She said the flamboyant tycoon wanted to drill her but he was block, so he sent her 150k and promised to come with 20m on the day of the feast. She waited for him in vain.

Lwasa sent Bad Black 150k via Mobile Money

During a media interview, Lwasa trashed Masolo Queen’s allegations and said he gave her money because she was in need. Lwasa said he found her at Sheraton Hotel days after she was released from jail and begged him for money.

He did not have a lot on his phone but decided to send her 150k. Lwasa says he did it in the presence of a lawyer named Sheila.

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Since the infamous video leaked, the tycoon has been trying to defend himself claiming it was edited. He even hired Kato Lubwama to help him restore his image by doing his public relations but he is not doing justice to himself.

On Sunday, he was filmed dancing dirty with NRM motor-mouthed blogger and mobiliser, Jennifer Nakangubi aka Jennifer Full Figure.

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