Lover Accidentally Leaks Former Police Officer’s ‘Adam’ Video

Nuwagaba Pius

Nuwagaba Pius

Former police officer attached to Ibanda, Nuwagaba Pius says he is lucky to be outside the country after his girlfriend accidentally leaked his video while in ‘Adam’ attire.

Nuwagaba Pius deserted the force and fled to Duabi where is doing ‘Kyeyo’.

As most lovers in long distance relationships do, Nuwagaba sent his lover a private video while in bathroom, unfortunately she shared it on her WhatsApp status.

Realising she had publicly shared it, netizens circulated it all over the social media groups.

Nuwagaba Pius

The shamed Nuwagaba defended the lover saying she did not intend to share it. He says that his girlfriend was trying to resend it back to him and instead shared the video to her status.

Nuwagaba revealed that he is grateful to his lover after she contributed 2.5m for him to go to Duabi on Keyeyo.

He aired out his relief by saying he would have gone into hiding if he was in Ibanda by the time of the video leak.

Guys have been calling me over the video saying they saw my massive animal. I don’t know what would have happened to me if i was in Ibanda, thank God am this side.


Unlike Lwasa, Nuwagaba did not disappoint netizens. His massive wire was well fed on milk.