Lil Pazzo Asks Musicians To Stop Being Selfish, Speaks About His Next Move After ‘Enkuudi’

June 22, 2024

Singer Lil Pazzo Lunabe has asked fellow musicians to stop being selfish when it comes to the music industry.

He said that he knows that he is not going to be trending for so long and that is why he has his next move fully planned in case the music doesn’t work out for him.

Lil Pazzo has been in the music industry for seven years but he has struggled all the time to make it and even make so much money from his career.

Recently the singer released a song known as enkuudi and fortunately it worked magic for him. It had been trending for months and he is making a lot of money from it.

According to Lil Pazzo,  some Ugandan musicians are selfish they don’t like seeing their fellow artistes successful like they are.

He said they need to understand that the music industry is like a lake and people can’t make it dry no matter how much they fish from it.

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“The music industry is like a lake; it belongs to no one. If you get a chance to fish from it, do so and give others a chance as well. I am also trying my best to scoop what I can, starting with “Genda Ogule Emmotoka,” “Enkuudi,” and if I fail, I will go back to selling pineapples,” –LilPazo, singer