Leicester City want £60m for James Maddison


Leicester City are open to selling James Maddison this summer but the Foxes want £60m for the 24-year-old.

James Maddison was never going to be cheap, but his price tag of £60m could well have Arsenal looking elsewhere for another midfielder.

If Mikel Arteta had his way, he would sign Martin Odegaard who could well be on his way from Real Madrid this summer after all. While that move still seems somewhat unlikely, Arsenal have been searching around for alternatives with James Maddison rising to the top of their list. Apparently.

Maddison signed for Leicester in 2018 for £22.5m and is currently valued at just under £50m. £60m, therefore, is not an unreasonable ask, especially when you consider Maddison still has three years left on the new contract he signed just last August.

Arsenal are expecting to shell out £50m for Ben White before the window closes, the defender’s medical to take place at the end of July when he returns from holiday. Would Arsenal really drop another £60m on another English man?


It’s not really clear how much they have to spend this summer but we know they are looking to add seven players to the first team squad.

Factoring in the Ben White money, Arsenal will have shelled out £72.3m for three players without bringing a penny in from sales.

Last summer, they spent a total of £76.5m, the summer before £144.36m, the one before that £72.14m and the one before that £137.37m, running at a net spend of £215.33m for those four seasons.