Legendary Roger Mugisha Bounces Back At Sanyu FM As Restructuring Continues

June 16, 2020

L-R: Patrick Salvado, Ruyonga and Roger Mugisha in Sanyu FM studios

In bid to tap into the new listenership, one of the oldest FM radio stations, Sanyu FM has brought back celebrated presenter, Roger Mugisha, this time as programs director.

This is the second time Mugisha is is being recruited at Sanyu FM. On July 29th, 1996 Roger Mugisha made his first appearance on Radio Sanyu under the management of John Katto.

Later Radio Sanyu rebranded to Sanyu FM when it was bought by Sudhir Ruparelia.

By then a revolution of Frequency Modulation (FM) had taken over Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Sanyu FM changed the game of FM entertainment in Kampala.

It played the latest music and aired information catchy to the young audience with the likes of Rasta Rob MC, Peter Ssematimba and many others.

When CBS FM started, It snatched Ssematimba and Rasta Rob MC.  When Rasta Rob and the others left, Mugisha was taken on as a presenter, stated working on the ‘Love Zone’ calling himself the “love doctor”, conquering the masses.

L-R: Patrick Salvado, Ruyonga and Roger Mugisha in Sanyu FM studios

In 1999, Mugisha joined Capital FM. In 2004, Mugisha gave his ife to christ denounced and dissolved his Shadow’s Angels Group and became a pastor.

He took time off airwaves to preach the word of God. In 2005 he joined KFM before retiring in 2015.

In this lockdown, when Sanyu announced 25% salary deductions, most presenters led by Fatboy rejected the directive and were told they can leave.

With the stiff competition in the radio business, Sanyu FM management used it as an opportunity to change the old guard and have since recruited new presenters such as; comedian Patrick Salvado Indrigi on the ‘Breakfast Show’, Urban TV ‘Scoop on Scoop’ presenter, Tinah Fierce and Dembe FM gossip monger, Kasuku on ‘Hot 8 at 8’ among others.